Industrial Automation


Telesis Technologies (
Worldwide leader in product identification & traceability technology.

Laser Marking Systems - Diode-pumped, Fiber, Green and CO2 marking lasers and laser integration systems for direct part marking applications.

Pinstamp Marking - Programmable, permanent marking systems for part identification traceability. Large family of bench type or handheld machines capable of marking text, arc text, logos, 2D codes and OCR fonts.

Telesis Product Guide

Telesis Application Bulletins

"Intelligent" TMP6100-700 System
Joe Gibbs Racing Chooses Telesis as Parts Marking Partner
Industrial Laser Solutions Cover Story
Telesis Arthroscopy
Custom App-Display Instructions on Marquee
Custom App-Marker & Label Applicator on Aluminum Pump Housings
Custom App-TMM7200 Marks heavy equipment
Laser Automated Round Part Marking 0012009
Laser Automated Tag Marker 0022009
XYZ Rotary Laser System 0042009


Machine Vision and Industrial Barcode Readers to improve quality, lower manufacturing cost and eliminate production errors.

1D and 2D Data Matrix Bar Code Readers.


VTR Feeder Solutions (
An industry-leader in automated parts feeding systems.

A supplier of Storage Hopper Units or Bulk Storage Devices. Vibratory Inline Feeder Units, Vibratory Bowl Feeder Units, various types of Escapement Devices (Blow Feeds, Cross Shuttles, Pick and Places), Rotary (Centrifugal) Feeder Bowls & the recently established Step Feeder product line.


Stewart Technologies, Inc. (
Experts in Electronic Data Collection, Data Analysis, Custom Programming and Systems Integration.

Custom software, hardware & services for maintenance and manufacturing

CMMS package for industrial facilities


Tree Haven (

Programmable equipment for traffic management systems.
Special industrial video applications.


Welker Engineered Products (

Serving the automotive and transportation, industrial, agricultural,
and special machine industries among others, Welker prides itself in its
ability to assess the application needs of its customers and provide innovative solutions.
Long recognized for expertise in self-lubricating plane bearing technologies, over the last
20 years Welker has developed many "Best-in-Class" automation components. These products
complement Welker's plane bearing technologies by providing maintenance free solutions for
today's flexible manufacturing environment.

Welker produces standard components for locating, clamping, sliding, lifting, ejecting,
transporting, stopping and rotating applications. The modular nature of Welker products
enables the adaptation of Welker components to a wide range of applications.